Unable to build the source code of sonarqube

After running ./gradlew build, it shows that:

Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:sonar-scanner-protocol:protobufToolsLocator_protoc’.

Could not download protoc-osx-x86_64.exe (com.google.protobuf:protoc:3.5.1)
Could not get resource ‘https://repox.sonarsource.com/sonarsource/com/google/protobuf/protoc/3.5.1/protoc-3.5.1-osx-x86_64.exe’.
Could not GET ‘https://repox.sonarsource.com/sonarsource/com/google/protobuf/protoc/3.5.1/protoc-3.5.1-osx-x86_64.exe’.
repox.sonarsource.com:443 failed to respond


Are you sure you’ve got the latest version of the code? I believe all such references have been updated to repox.jfrog.io.