Unable to bind project server to SonarQube with Intelli-j

Bug report:

  • versions used (SonarLint Plugin: | Intelli-J 2020 Ultimate 201.7223.91)
  • error observed: in Settings trying to “Bind to project” process hangs and Intelli-J become unresponsive.
  • steps to reproduce: enter Project server URL, click OK (or click “select from list”)
  • potential workaround: force quit application, try again usually works.

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for joining the community!

In general UI freezes at this stage happen because the server is not reachable. Is it possible that your server or network was down at this time ?

That said, we know we have some UX issues regarding connection creation and project binding, we should make those steps cancelable if the server is not reachable (and not freeze the UI of course). We recently fixed one issue in that direction (not released yet).