Unable to analyze all kind of files in q single project

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Sonarqube Edition - Enterprise
Version - 8.9LTS

Is it possible to analyze c#, VB,XML , c++ , python and XMl in a single project in a single build pipeline?

Because I am trying but unable to scan all at a time.


Yes. The docs should help (see ‘Analyzing languages other than C# and VB’).


According to doc, VB is supposed to get analyzed with MS Build but in my case it is getting analyzed with Stand Alone SCANNER.

Does sonarqube support cproj file for analyzing code using MSBuild scanner?


I don’t know what you mean by “cproj”. If you mean “.csproj” then the answer is yes.

VB6 code can be analysed with the command line scanner.
However, you need to use the Scanner for .NET to analyze VB.NET.

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