Typescript file not scanned in SonarQube

I am currently performing a code analysis with sonar scanner to a project developed in typescript but I am presented with the following error:
SonarQube version 9.4
The sonarscanner version 4.7.02747

  • what are you trying to achieve
    When scanning a typescript project, the typescript files (ts,tsx) are ignored. When turning on the debug mode, the files are read and the job shows “EXECUTION SUCCES”. However, looking at the report, only CSS and HTML files are scanned. In the terminal, the following error is shown:

Hey there.

As the error message states, it looks like you’ve set sonar.nodejs.executable to a path that doesn’t exist (nor does it appear to be a valid path).

If this path must be set (because node isn’t available on your path) it must be set to an absolute path to Node.js executable.

What led you to set this parameter in the first place?