Typescript errors are not shown from SonarQube in VS code using SonarLint

(Amudha Doreraj) #1


My project contains the typescript errors in SonarQube
when I open the file containing typescript errors in VS code , those are not shown up in the Problems tab.
Any specific configurations required in SonarLint to show this? Please advise


(Antoine Vigneau) #2

Hello Amudha,

Let’s say that in a standard/default case this should not happen. Everything that SonarQube detects in standard should also be detected by SonarLint. There is not so much settings in SonarLint as it is install and ready straightforward. Though there are a few checks you can do:

  • Does your project have a tsconfig.json file? Both SonarQube and SonarLint won’t be able to detect issues without a proper tsconfig.json file. So I guess it has as you claim SonarQube detects issues.
  • Did you alter the Quality Profile in SonarQube so then some differences may be seen between both tools?
  • Are you having the issue with everything in its latest version? (VSCode, SonarLint, SonarQube, SonarTS plugin)
  • Does the Output View (selected on SonarLint) provides some useful logs that might explain?

Hope this helps.