Try to run sonar scan but returning error

SonarQube v9.4
SonarScanner v4.7
Sonar-swift v0.4.6
I have tried to run the shell script file but hitting this error.

I have tried several to build the unit test locally and it is success.

Hope someone can help me out on this issue!


Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, getting your test to run is out of scope for this community.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your reply! But I think you misunderstand my question. My actual question is that the error I screenshot doesn’t make sense for me, because the unit test I double confirm that it is working and not crash, but the sonar scan return error that claim it is crashing and cause the scan fail.

The help is much appreciated! Thanks

Chuen Wai


That error isn’t coming from analysis. In the normal course of things, analysis hasn’t even been triggered yet when your tests are running.