Track memory leak issues using sonarcloud

Can you please help me how can we track memory leak issues using

Hi there!

What language(s) are you interested in?

I am currently working on C#. we have microservices and our frontend is on angular.

Hi @ah6557,
The SonarQube rules related to memory issues are tagged with the “leak” label:
So make sure, these rules are added to your “Quality Profile”.

There are not too many rules related to memory issues, due to the nature of memory leaks: How shall a tool decide if it is correct to keep large sets of data/objects in memory?
If you have actual problems, you will not get around to do profiling on your application.

Hi Matthias
Can you please share the document about how to add rules to Quality Profile.

Here is the link to the official documentation:

  1. Navigate to “Quality Profiles” in the top menu
  2. Select the Quality Profile of your language
  3. In the top left you see active and inactive rules
  4. Click on one of the figures in the “Inactive” column
  5. A list of rules opens and you can click on the “Activat” button to add them to the Quality Profile

the link that you share was of SonarQube i am using sonarcloud need its documentation about how to add rules to quality profile.