Track lack of copyright and license headers

I was trying to include Copyright text to every source file C# of my project.
After I added copyright text to header of every C# file it was started to show errors related to this rule
still it was expecting SonarQube related copyright text instead my own copyright text.
I modified text in headerFormat of that rule while activate it but no luck.
please guide me If I miss any configuration at sonarQube level.

which versions are you using
SonarQube Version 6.7.1 (build 35068)

what are you trying to achieve
I would like to override sonarqube license text with my own copyright text after that need to validate it from VisualStudio before check-in perform by developer.If developer put any other text except copyright text then build should fail.

what have you tried so far to achieve this
I went to SonarQube copied Rule S1451( Track lack of copyright and license headers)
to my custom QualityProfile and assigned this QualityProfile to my project and I added in Visual studio through sonarlint.

hi @Pavan_T and welcome to the community!

for S1451 you can configure the rule in SonarQube with custom regular expression

Basically, when you activate it inside your quality profile, you can configure the expected header - see headerFormat and isRegularExpression parameters