Track comments matching a regular expression Template (java:S124) does not detect issues in Javadoc

Hi Team,

I am trying to add a custom rule using template(java:S124) and it detects the issues in the single line comments:

// Issue on single line comment -> Detected

but in the event of a violation within the Javadoc comments it does not detect the issues.
/** Issue on Javadoc comment**/ -> NOT Detected

Is it a template problem?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Hey @juanvibolufer ,

It seems to me that the issue comes from your regular expression. With the following template rule configuration on my local SQ instance:

I got the following issues on my test file:

The implementation of the rules does not make any difference between JavaDoc or a regular inlined comment, and it has not been changed for years. So you should have the same behavior whatever version of SQ you are running.

Hope this helps,