Track breaches of an XPath rule


I thought we already had this in the XML plug in however perhaps it was removed a while ago? If so do you know the reason why? Its a very useful generic rule eg to enforce a companies best practises for spring / camel xml dsl files eg where an optional attribute / element is expected or perhaps a given naming convention.

I also noticed on a google search coming to

XML static code analysis: Creating cookies without the “HttpOnly” flag is…

The description seems to be incorrect " Track breaches of an XPath rule"



The support for custom rules is listed in the docs. As you’ll see, XPath 1.0 is still supported for XML.

Regarding the rules site, thanks for reporting the problem. Unfortunately, it’s badly broken at the moment - not showing the correct description for any rule that you navigate to by URL (as opposed to using in-site navigation) and our developers are currently working on a patch. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.


perfect thanks