Track and see history of of program parts


another issue were we lack on knowledge is where to see some sort of history.

The question I was asked is, that someone made changes on a program part that he does not see in SQ today anymore. He asked if there’s some kind of overview about such changes? Is there any chance to see what has been seen as error by SQ yesterday and why not anymore today? He sees some sort of general overview but how to break down this onto one single program part?

We’re talking about Java programs (to be honest, that’s not a language I speak). Version of SQ is

Many thanks for any kind of advice, regards, Thomas


It’s not clear to me whether you’re asking about closed issues, or about measures on parts of the code that have been deleted. For the former: yes, you can see Closed issues for 30 days after they’re moved to Closed status. Filter by Status=Closed on the issues page to see them.

For deleted files, you’re simply not going to be able to see what the measure values used to be.



sorry for my late reply, lost a little bit track. Thanks for your reply, I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks, Thomas