There is an issue with csharpsquid:S1144 (unused code detection) with razor pages

The rule which detects unused code (csharpsquid:S1144) does not work for razor pages/code behind files. Any method/member which is actually referenced in the razor page for event is flagged in sonar lint. I’m not sure this is a problem outside of sonar lint because I don’t see it listed as an issue once the code has been uploaded to sonarcloud.

Unfortunately, I have to remove this rule for now so that it doesn’t cause developers so much grief/paranoia when writing code.

edit: The same applies to rule csharpsquid:S4487

Is it at least possible for me to exclude these rules on any files matching this wildcard pattern: *.razor* ?

HI @SD321. Just to check - are you using Rider?

@duncanp Yes I am

@duncanp Hi, did that help you find the issue?