The way to export the analysis result of SonarQube

I use SonarQube 7.7 (with SonarScanner). I want to export all the issues which are raised by SonarQube after running an analysis. It seems that Issues report plugin was provided before, but we can not use it for the latest version of SonarQube 7.7.

I need to extract the all issues list to send it to other members.

Can you tell me any other way to export all the issues report?

Why not stand up a centralized SonarQube instance and give other members access to SonarQube itself?


Thank you for the reply. We plan to collect the issues list from multiple projects. Because of Security (the result of SonarQube(source code) involves confidential information, it’s difficult to share them on the centralized SonarQube instance…

If you mark projects as “Private” you can restrict the ability to see source code, but still let users see measures/issues.

I’m dancing around the fact that yes, the api/issues domain of the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance) can help you extract lists of issues, but we wholeheartedly believe the best place for teams to view/manage issues is in SonarQube itself.