The sonarQube project graph (activity) is unstable and inconsistent on sonarQube 6.5


I have inconsistencies in my graphs related to the history of my projects in sonar

See Attachment

I’m using version 6.5 of sonarCube

Has anyone come across this problem before?
is linked to a particular plugin?

I’m new to Sonar :slight_smile:

thank you in advance

Hello @quaterbac

First of all you’re using a quite old version of SonarQube. I recommend you to upgrade to either 7.9 (LTS) or the latest 8.3 to get all the recent features and analyzers improvements

About your inconsistent graph, you usually get that for coverage when you had analysis datapoints where the coverage was not imported for some reason (coverage tests were not executed, failed to execute or the report of the tests was not at the location expected by the scanner so they were not found)


PS: Our product is called SonarQube, not SonarCube :yum:

Hello Olivier,

Thanks for your quick answer.

If I understood correctly this incoherence is therefore not due to a plugin or a sonar component which bug, but rather to the source code and to a potential configuration?

As for the sonarQube version, we keep the old version because of its workers who are configurable in free version unlike the new versions which are only possible in paid version

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Yes, most probably a bug in your pipeline job…

Fair enough.
That said I think it would be a better path to find ways to boost performance with a single worker (make sure the worker processes background tasks very quickly) and be on latest version to get all the latest improvements and features, than to stay on 6.5 just to configure multiple workers. It may even not be faster anyway (some users don’t realize that more workers means more CPU and more DB queries, and the CPUs or the DB is the bottleneck: They double the number of workers… but each workers processes background task twice slowlier :thinking:, this does not improve the overall throughput)
This is your decision though…

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