The SonarQube Develop branch is not refreshed after the Azure DevOps pipeline runs

Hello Team,

In my YAML pipeline, I am utilizing SonarScanner for code analysis. While the master/main branch refreshes as expected, unfortunately, the develop branch does not refresh. I am seeking assistance in identifying the root cause of this issue.
Is there anyone available who can provide guidance on troubleshooting this matter?

Version details:
Enterprise EditionVersion 9.9 (build 65466)LGPL v3

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Hi Gauna,

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I know this seems like a dumb question, but has develop been analyzed since 4 August?

Assuming it has, and that analysis completed successfully, can you check the project’s background tasks (Project Settings → Background Tasks) and see if any of them are in FAILURE state (I think it’s called ‘failure’ and not ‘error’…)?

If any of them have failed, you should find the relevant error message under the row’s cog menu.