The last analysis has failed.ID: AY3QOrcm_OxsQjz9DJRp


This is my fist analyse of this projet, and i’ve recived this info:
There was an issue whilst processing the report. Please contact support with the Project Analysis ID: AY3QOrcm_OxsQjz9DJRp.

Could a support take a look at that?


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  • ALM used (GitHub
  • Languages of the repository python

This is my first to use sonarcloud to analyse a github projet, but i couldn’t see my bugs in issues screen. Could you tell me the step of resolution? Project Analysis
ID: AY3QOrcm_OxsQjz9DJRp. Thanks

Greetings Lanxaun and welcome to the community!

Could you confirm that you are still missing issues information? sometimes there is a delay between the summary upload and when the full report is available in SonarCloud.

If bugs are still not present I can take a deeper look.

We are having the same issue on a multiple projects.
Yesterday it get so bad I had to disable the analyse.

Azure Pipeline / C#

Hello Lucas

Now i could see the issue infomations, thanks for your help.

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