The build-wrapper-dump.json is empty on sonarqube 8.5 -Devloper Edition

When compiling using build-wrapper-linux-x86-64 to be able to analyze c/c++ code I get an empty build-wrapper-dump.json. This only happens on amazonlinux, running the same command in ubuntu works as expected.

This is the version of build-wrapper that I’m using:
build-wrapper, version 6.13 (linux-x86)

What I get in build-wrapper-dump.json is:
[builds@dma-dev-build build_output]$ cat build-wrapper-dump.json

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SONARSOURCE and SONARQUBE are trademarks of SonarSource SA. All rights are expressly reserved.

This file is designed exclusively for use with the SONARSOURCE C / C++ / Objective-C Plugin.

It may not be used in connection with any other software.

Any other use is prohibited by law and may be grounds for immediate termination of your License.


The file:

Encoding of the source files


attached the build-wrapper.logs filebuild-wrapper.log (258.5 KB)

Hi @kishore535,

I don’t see any compiler invocation in the log file. I can see you are running make all, shouldn’t you run make clean all? What compiler are you using?

thanks @mpaladin , It worked. I added make clean all and it worked. Thanks a lot

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