The author_login error in the issues table

I’m using sonar qube version 9.3.

When I was counting the number of issues per committer, I found that the time recorded in the issue table was incorrect

1、The query result of the issues table:

The issue creation time is ‘2023-10-20 01:02:00’

2、View the source code from the page

Open the page of Sonar Qube to view the source code. The author’s submission time is displayed on the page at June 25, 2023.

Why is the creation time in the issue table different from that on the page?

Hey there.

The issues table will show when an issue was first created in SonarQube, but the date you’re referring to in SonarQube is the date that line was committed to SCM (here, probably Git).

Overall, the SonarQube database is a black box we do not reccomend (nor support) querying directly.

Thank you for your reply.

We’re using Git. I see that most of the issues in the issues table are created at the same time as the Git commit time, but there are a few issues that are created at the same time as the issue data is created.

You don’t recommend using the table to collect statistics, is there any other way to do it?

It should be added that the code submitted is scanned at regular intervals, not immediately upon commit。

We reccomend using the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance).

Many, but not all, issues are backdated. Sometimes, an issue only appears on a line later (if affected by another line change).