Test inclusions when Sonar.test is set to null

The Sonar.test and src are set as null in the properties file, which I don’t have access to. If I set test.inclusions on the UI (wildcard on the test class name), will it rightly pick up the test file and apply test specific rules to it?

Hey there.

sonar-project.properties will always overrule what is set in the CI. The only thing that takes precedence over a sonar-project.properties file is command line analysis parameters (sonar-scanner -Dsonar.sources=...)

Hi Colin,
What I wanted to ask is that if the sonar.src and test in the sonar properties file in the system is set as default and is not changed, will it work if I set the sonar.exclusions and sonar.test.inclusion from the UI?
Due to some constraints, I cant change any info on the properties file and hence those two params are the default. However, I can change the exclusions and inclusions in the UI. So If i set them in the UI, will they work even if the sonar.src and sonar.test are default?