Test Coverage on Xcode 11

Xcode 11’s test suite does not generate the xccov archive needed in order to execute the commands mentioned in your guide here:
“You can use the xccov-to-sonarqube-generic.sh script from the sonar-scanning-examples/swift-coverage project convert output from Xcode 9.3’s xccov tool to the Generic Test Data format.”

Xcode 11 generates xcresult files instead, we’d appreciate a solution/workaround that allows us to convert the xcresult file into an xml readable by SonarCloud.


FYI there is a PR (https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-scanning-examples/pull/64) which updates the script to be compatible with XCode 11. It’s not yet merged but you can already try and provide feedback on that PR if it’s working or not.