Tasks support was removed after downloading plugin

I’m having trouble to run the scanner. I tried running the scanner like sonar-scanner -X -Dsonar.projectKey=my-project -Dsonar.host.url=xxxx:9000 -Dsonar.login=the key I generated on the UI , I am getting an error message of this:

INFO: Scanner configuration file: NONE
23:40:29.542 INFO: Project root configuration file: NONE
23:40:29.577 INFO: SonarQube Scanner
23:40:29.579 INFO: Java 1.8.0_121 Oracle Corporation (64-bit)
23:40:29.580 INFO: Linux 4.9.93-linuxkit-aufs amd64
23:40:39.535 DEBUG: Create isolated classloader...
23:40:39.547 DEBUG: Start temp cleaning...
23:40:39.555 DEBUG: Temp cleaning done
23:40:39.555 DEBUG: Execution getVersion
23:40:39.557 INFO: SonarQube server 7.7.0
23:40:39.560 DEBUG: Execution execute
23:40:40.275 INFO: Load global settings
23:40:40.490 DEBUG: GET 200 https://xxxx:9000/api/settings/values.protobuf | time=202ms
23:40:40.533 INFO: Load global settings (done) | time=260ms
23:40:40.558 DEBUG: Create : /root/.sonar/_tmp
23:40:40.559 INFO: User cache: /root/.sonar/cache
23:40:40.563 INFO: Load/download plugins
23:40:40.563 INFO: Load plugins index
23:40:40.607 DEBUG: GET 200 https://xxxx:9000/api/plugins/installed | time=44ms
23:40:40.670 INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=107ms
23:40:44.386 DEBUG: Download plugin 'java' to '/root/.sonar/_tmp/fileCache5809.tmp'
23:40:44.413 DEBUG: GET 200 https://xxxx:9000/api/plugins/download?plugin=java&acceptCompressions=pack200 | time=27ms
23:40:48.892 INFO: Load/download plugins (done) | time=8329ms
23:40:48.926 DEBUG: Plugins:
23:40:48.928 DEBUG:   * SonarJava (java)
23:40:48.958 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:40:48.958 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:40:48.959 INFO: Total time: 19.448s
23:40:49.007 INFO: Final Memory: 5M/56M
23:40:49.007 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:40:49.007 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
23:40:49.008 ERROR: Tasks support was removed

Any advices would help! Thanks


Double-check your command line. You probably have an extra space somewhere in an argument so that it’s being read not as -Darg.key=argValue but as -Darg.key=arg totallyDifferentArg, and that second, ‘totallyDifferentArg’ is being interpreted as a task name (and indeed, tasks are no longer supported).