T-SQL in Sonar - valid expression makes scan fail on sql file


We have a Developer Edition of SonarQube 10.3 and use it for .NET projects, but I don’t think that matters for the question…

We have some key logic in stored procedures on MS SQL Server. Lots of them (dozens) use perfectly correct T-SQL code:
trim('%' from @percentNumberWithPercentSign)
But it is not supported for scanning by Sonar.

As a result T-SQL Sensor fail to scan the T-SQL file. So entire file - dozens, hunderds of T-SQL lines - are not scanned. That affects every T-SQL file that use that expression. It’s a warning in the build log:

build	06-Feb-2024 09:26:59	WARN: Unable to parse file 'Something.sql' : Parse error at line 269 column 111:
build	06-Feb-2024 09:26:59	269:         declare @someVar decimal(5,2) =  CONVERT(decimal(5,2), trim('%' from @percentNumberWithPercentSign))/100
build	06-Feb-2024 09:26:59	                                                                             ^

Is improvement of T-SQL support on your todo list for foreseeable future?

Kind regards,
Michal Gruda

Hey there.

I don’t anticipate we’ll tackle it soon, but we have a ticket open: https://sonarsource.atlassian.net/browse/SONARTSQL-190

And I"ve linked this thread to it!

Hey Colin,

Thanks for letting me know, happy to hear it’s already in the backlog,


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