Sync created Groups with a Group in LDAP


(Vaibhav) #1

I am using SonarQube 7.2. I have a bunch of groups created manually in SonarQube. I want the users in these groups to auto sync with groups/users in LDAP. I don’t want to manually create 300+ users and assign them to my groups. Is there a feature to auto sync Sonar groups with LDAP.

(Colin Mueller) #2


If the groups are named the same in SonarQube as they are in LDAP, and you have LDAP configured correctly to pass a user’s groups to SonarQube on login, the user should be added to the SonarQube group upon logging in.

Here’s the documentation for LDAP integration with SonarQube:


(Vaibhav) #3

Thanks Colin, this works.