Support of incremental code coverage through SonarQube

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  • what are you trying to achieve:- Does SonarQube supports analysis of incremental code coverage? If yes, then please share the SonarQube version that supports incremental code coverage and plugin name that needs to be used for the incremental code coverage.


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It’s not clear to me what you mean by incremental code coverage. Perhaps the docs will help.


Thanks Ann for quick revert. Basically I want to create a project for incremental analysis (for eg. New features, Bug fixes, etc.) such that the analysis should report delta code coverage not the full.
Please let me know the steps to create such projects.


Are you looking for pull request analysis? It reports on what was changed in the PR.

And I should mention that full analysis is always going to be, well… full analysis. And we make clear distinctions about what was found in new code and what’s going on in the overall code base to support your use of the Clean as You Code methodology.