Support for `# noqa`, `// eslint-disable-line`, and other standard lint-suppressors

In this comment, Marco Comi said:

We have plans to evaluate the opportunity to support extra tags that make sense for the different language community (examples included //NOLINT, //NOLINTNEXTLINE for C++ and #noqa for Python); we’re not there yet but there are chances we’ll manage to advance on this topic during 2023.

How’s that going?

My use case: I use SonarLint, but it’s not part of our official linting suite, so adding a Sonar-specific line suppressor would feel like imposing my particular setup on everyone, in a way that feels a little weird. Using # noqa would allow me to suppress the error, in a way which would work with any linters people choose to use, including our official ones.

(I’m opening this as a new issue rather than commented on the linked one, because it gave me the “this issue is more than a year old…” warning.)

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Hello @lobsterkatie and welcome to our community

The topic has been delayed to take into consideration the new issue lifecycle in our Clean Code approach.
The topic is in motion internally and you should be able to get some news soon.
Thanks for your patience.