Strategy for Community Edition

Looking around the community for guidance on getting a regular pipeline scan going in community edition and failing to find links.

I have a simple build pipeline scenario - devs work in a story branch, merge to main and I want an analysis to kick off. I keep getting ‘must have dev edition to do branch analysis’. I want to get to that point but for now, am happy to track quality in ‘main’ with community. How do folks do anything with community if I cannot get a simple merge build to be analyzed?

At my last company, I am used to having Dev edition so a bit lost. After I can show value with the community edition, it will be no issue upgrading but show me first is in full effect here.

Hi Bart,

With Community Edition, you will need to choose 1 and only 1 branch from each repository to analyse. I’d recommend for this to be either a “staging” or “develop” branch, linked to a pre-production environment. Analysis will kick-in only after the merge of the story branch into the main pre-production branch, you will then get the results, and devs should fix the issues if the Quality Gate does not pass.

Does it make sense?