Strange msg : "No android lint issues will be imported on this file."

  • version SonarQube CE 7.9
  • run the SonarQube gradle task

I get the message “No input file found for /Users/xxxx/APP-Android/app/build.gradle. No android lint issues will be imported on this file.”

My lint config is not directly in build.gradle, but delegated to another gradle file and applied in the build.gradle file.

Is this a real problem ?

Lint is working in the project.

Could you share more logs ? Which sensor/plugins is producing this suspicious line of log ?

Hello @afaucogney ,

This message indicates that the lint report has found issue(s) on the “/Users/xxxx/APP-Android/app/build.gradle” file. However, due to the inclusion/exclusion pattern used for the SonarQube analysis, this file is ignored. Therefore, issues found by Android Lint for the file will not be imported into SonarQube.

If you want to see these issues inside SonarQube, you should update your inclusion/exclusion pattern so that “build.gradle” files are not ignored.

Hope this helps.