StartSonar.bat fail on start with java 17

Hi team,

I downloaded the latest version of SonarQube (sonarqube- and on my computer I have java version 17(JAVA_HOME in the environment variables).


When I run startsonar.bat it does the whole process but then stops.


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We really don’t like screenshots of logs. We much prefer text, which can be searched, syntax highlighted &etc.

What do your server logs say?


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I apologize. :sweat:
It’s my first time here in the community.
To be honest I don’t know what mistake I’m making since:
1. I am using jdk 17 and the latest version of sonarQube -
2. The JAVA_Home variable is defined in the system variables;
3.When running StartSonar.bat I can see that sonar starts but then ends.

Attached are the logs:
es.log (15.7 KB)
sonar.log (2.8 KB)
web.log (23.6 KB)


Your logs indicate a problem with Elasticsearch. It’s likely one of:

  • Elasticsearch wants at least 5% of disk space to be free
  • Corrupt indices: delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es8 and restart.

Can you do/check those things and update us?


Hi @ganncamp,

I realized that S32DS 3.5 IDE was open all the time while trying to start Sonar. Without it, I am able to start Sonar. Is there any reason you know why?

A log was taken after Sonar started successfully. S32DS was opened, and then Sonar was restarted.
es.log (6.6 MB)
sonar.log (11.4 KB)


I don’t have any clue why your IDE would interfere with SonarQube startup, but SonarQube isn’t really for localhost use in production. It should be a centralized resource run on a separate server.


Hi @ganncamp
Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

The problem was disk space.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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