Start pointer should be before end pointer

First of all, this is using the Rust Plugin. I don’t believe this is the issue, as it gets to that point fine.

Right after successfully analyzing my file, sonar-scanner gives me this error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Start pointer [line=1, lineOffset=0] should be before end pointer [line=1, lineOffset=0]

I’m using this script to launch it:

grcov ./target/debug/ -s . -t cobertura --llvm --branch --ignore-not-existing -o ./target/debug/coverage.xml
cargo +nightly clippy --message-format=json >| TEMP_CLIPPY.json

sudo sonar-scanner -X \
  -Dsonar.projectKey=qiish-parse \
  -Dsonar.sources=./src/ \ \
  -Dsonar.login=<MY_TOKEN> \

(<MY_TOKEN> is replaced with my token in the script).
Here’s gist

And here’s my file:

community.rust.clippy.reportPaths = TEMP_CLIPPY.json
community.rust.cobertura.reportPaths = target/debug/coverage.xml


This is most likely in the Rust plugin itself. The maintainer may notice this post, but you’ve got better odds if you create an issue on the plugin’s project.


That’s reasonable. I’ve opened an issue over there as well.


Hi William, I noticed your issue on the Plugin’s project page. As the maintainer, I will handle your question from there as suggested by @ganncamp

Understood, thank you. It is appreciated.