Stackoverflow in self referencing class


  • Eclipse 2020-06 (4.16)
  • SonarLint for Eclipse 5.3.0


                at java.base/java.util.HashMap.hash(
                at java.base/java.util.HashMap.containsKey(
                [... last line repeats until end of log-message]

Eclipse shows a warning that requests eclipse to be restarted, but immediately after the restart (or every time the file is saved/build) the error is shown again. The error prevents eclipse from actually building the class so you don’t have access to the actual compiler error message.

Steps to reproduce

Create a class similar to this one:

package de.st_ddt.example;

public abstract class Test implements Test { // Implement itself

    @Override // <-- This one is important
    public abstract void testMethod();


I stumbled across this error after a broken refactor. The broken refactorcaused tons of errors in the code but due to the Stackoverflow during the build the other errors won’t get cleared up and I ended up searching the needle in the hay port. I had to remove Sonar to find the actual compile error.

Potential workaround:

  • Fix the broken class/self-reference (if you are able to find them)

Hey @ST-DDT ,

I tried on my side with SonarLint for Eclipse 5.3, and I can not reproduce the issue.
Are you using SonarLint in connected mode with a given SonarQube instance?

SonarLint for Eclipse 5.3 is supposed to embed a version of the Java Analyzer (6.6) which does not have these classes anymore.

I only see what is annoying you being possible if a connected SonarQube instance is using an old version of the Java Analyzer (prior to 6.0), which means that this old analyzer would be used for analysis of your project locally.

  • If it’s the case, I would recommend upgrading the Java Analyzer in your SonarQube instance with a more recent version, and then update your binding on your local machine.
  • If it’s not the case, then I don’t really understand what Java Analyzer plugin you might have


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The issue seems to be caused by an old analyzer version.
Thanks for pointing this out.

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