Spike in Code Smells after SonarQubeUpgrade to 10.2

Hello Team

We have one swift language project which has seen spike in code smells ~22K after SonarUpgrade to 10.2 version beacuse of one rule i.e.
swift:S100 Function names should comply with a naming convention

Previous SonarQube version:8.6
New SonarQube version:10.2

Though this rule is present in Previous version too but after upgrade only we have seen spike in code smells because of this rule.

Let us know incase of query or concerns



Each new SonarQube version sees rule improvements, and 8.6 → 10.2 is a big jump, meaning lots of improvements. It looks like 1. SONARSWIFT-486 corrected the handling of rule parameters. I can only guess you have a non-default value for the rule parameter which was being ignored before so developers used the wrong convention in their naming…?