Space inside Symfony MicroKernelTrait anon. callback function passed by reference

Hello everyone.

Symfony has the following code:

And Sonar marks this line with an issue:

$instanceof = &\Closure::bind(function &() { return $this->instanceof; }, $kernelLoader, $kernelLoader)();

Put exactly one space between the “function” keyword and the opening parenthesis.

Do you guys have any advices how to fix it?


To be clear, this isn’t code you’ve written; you’re analyzing library code? And if so, would you mind sharing why?

Assuming it is 3rd-party code, I would say there’s no need to fix it. The icon indicates it’s raised as a Code Smell, i.e. a readability issue, in this case. I would choose one of

  • ignore it
  • mark the issue false positive
  • edit your Quality Profile to disable the rule