Sonarsource/sonar-quality-gate : Getting 404 from requested URL

Using the Bitbucket pipeline pipes for sonar scan and sonar quality gate
In the sonar-quality gate, I get the error: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404.

SonarQube version: 9.9
sonar-quality-image : sonarsource/sonarqube-quality-gate:1.1.0

pipeline yml syntax:

  • pipe: sonarsource/sonarqube-quality-gate:1.1.0

Error :

Unable to find image 'sonarsource/sonarqube-quality-gate:1.1.0' locally
1.1.0: Pulling from sonarsource/sonarqube-quality-gate
8663204ce13b: Pulling fs layer
0aa71d3cf7ae: Pulling fs layer
aa86d4f2c327: Pulling fs layer
99cc74dc22bc: Pulling fs layer
99cc74dc22bc: Waiting
8663204ce13b: Verifying Checksum
8663204ce13b: Download complete
8663204ce13b: Pull complete
aa86d4f2c327: Verifying Checksum
aa86d4f2c327: Download complete
0aa71d3cf7ae: Verifying Checksum
0aa71d3cf7ae: Download complete
0aa71d3cf7ae: Pull complete
aa86d4f2c327: Pull complete
99cc74dc22bc: Verifying Checksum
99cc74dc22bc: Download complete
99cc74dc22bc: Pull complete
Status: Downloaded newer image for sonarsource/sonarqube-quality-gate:1.1.0
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404


Welcome to the community!

A 404 indicates a bad URL, which is likely caused by a misconfiguration.

Can you see the URL that’s being called? Does it resolve if you try it manually in a browser?


The AnalysisId was null in the Quality Gateway url, which was due to an error from cetaskUrl. The error seems to be due to the Slack Notifier plugin. After disabling the plugin, the issue was resolved.

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