sonarSecretKey with Sonar chart

I’m trying to use the variable sonarSecretKey on the chart(GitHub - SonarSource/helm-chart-sonarqube). It shows it on the helmfile diff but when I apply, nothing changed on the UI.

Is it a known issue ?

*SonarQube version : 3.0.0 on the chart

Thanks you !

We finally found that, it needs to add a non-empty sonarProperties to make it work (even with the same values as the default ones it works, so we did this). Maybe could you please add it on the chart documentation or correct this please ?
For those who’ll have this bug, here our code :

# non-empty sonarProperties is needed to add sonarSecretKey
# anyway we definitely want forceAuthentication
  sonar.forceAuthentication: true
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Hello @Yanis_Corselle

Thanks a lot for your feedback on that!
This is indeed strange that the sonarSecretKey is activated only if a sonarProperties is specified.

I have created a ticket to investigate this use case

Thanks you !

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