SonarScanner run isolated?

SonarQube Scanner:
SonarQube Server: 8.4.2

We have two TFS2017 Buildagents, where two Git PullRequest Builds will run parallel.
Both Builds will start SonarQube Scanner.

Build 1 is started and SonarQube Scanner was finished without problems in the first part. Now Build 1 is starting a separate compile step without sonarqube scanner. At this time, Build 2 was started by TFS automatically.
Now we found out, that SonarQube Scanner of Build 2 is scanning the msbuild compile (version 16.7.0) of Build 1, which generate additional errors at build 1.
How is that possible ?
Does that means, only one sonarqube scanner process and only one build agent is allowed at runtime ?

Or is there an option to isolate scanner by directories ?

Hi @TecanDevOps, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

I think you’re running into this known issue.