SonarScanner: Java Analyzer and caching. Do I do it right?

Sonar version: 10.3

Hello. I’m unsure if I use the sonarscanner correctly.

Which caching is available for java scanner? How can I make sure that I configured it correctly and get the full performance benefit?

What does the log line mean:
“Server-side caching is enabled. The Java analyzer will not try to leverage data from a previous analysis”
Is this a good sign or should there be something?

Thank you in advance

Hey there.

What edition of SonarQube are you using?

Hi Colin.
Thank you for the fast reply. I’m using the community edition


In that case – no cache will get used, as the cache is only supported in the context of Pull Request Analysis (not analysis of your main branch). In Developer Edition, the cache is used to speed up PR analysis.

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