SonarScanner for Gradle: you can now decide when to compile


We made a change in the SonarScanner for Gradle so you can control when your code is compiled.

Until today, the SonarScanner for Gradle was behaving like this:

  • when you were running gradle sonar, under the hood, it was triggering/forcing the compilation
  • this was a hard dependency and it was not possible to deactivate it

We made this design choice years ago because, for Java and Kotlin code, the Sonar analyzers must have access to the bytecode to perform an accurate analysis. So forcing the compilation to happen before the scan was a natural choice to be sure to run the scan in good conditions.

The problems of this approach are:

  • you are forced to compile all the targets and for Android projects, you may not want to do that for each scan
  • you can’t easily compile with one JDK version and run the scan with another version / it’s possible but painful because you have to be explicit with the list of compile steps you don’t want to execute while running the sonar task

For these reasons, we decided to align the behavior of the SonarScanner for Gradle with the Maven one.
Our plan is to request users to be explicit and say:

gradle assemble sonar

… instead of just:

gradle sonar

The change will happen incrementally to not break all CI configurations:

  • we introduced with v4.4.1 a property to allow users to adopt the new behavior
  • a message will be displayed to invite you to move to the new behavior because the old one is now considered deprecated
  • the SonarQube and SonarCloud’s documentations/tutorials will be updated accordingly
  • later we will change the default behavior with the v5.x and no longer force the compilation step

If you want to jump in now, you have to upgrade your SonarScanner for Gradle to v4.4.1 and set the property ‘sonar.gradle.skipCompile’ to ‘true’.



Hey there.

We use Gradle Kotlin DSL. We tried the following config with true in double quotes as well

sonarqube {
    properties {
        property ("sonar.gradle.skipCompile", true)
        property ("sonar.skipCompile", true)

but it gives no result, we still receive the following notification

The 'sonarqube' task depends on compile tasks. This behavior is now deprecated and will be removed in version 5.x. To avoid implicit compilation, set property 'sonar.gradle.skipCompile' to 'true' and make sure your project is compiled, before analysis has started.
The 'sonar' task depends on compile tasks. This behavior is now deprecated and will be removed in version 5.x. To avoid implicit compilation, set property 'sonar.gradle.skipCompile' to 'true' and make sure your project is compiled, before analysis has started.

Could you please let us know how we should implement this property?

I also created this thread about it: sonar.gradle.skipCompile is not working - #4 by G00fY2

What worked out for us was to set the property in the settings.gradle(.kts) file:

System.setProperty("sonar.gradle.skipCompile", "true")
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Another option is to configure it in like so:


Alexandre_Gigleux to be honest i find this behaviour to print a warning message extremely annoying… because it is not only one, but many, depending how the compile is set up. to switch it off one needs to commit a code change, and with 5 to revert to default one needs again a code change. also to name “skipCompile=true” instead of “compile=false” is weird by itself.

sonarscanner should know by itself if it needs a compile, and error out if it is not. and THEN print this information.

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I have set system property to skip compilation.
Now I run gradle build task and after it sonar task. So everything is compile in front and sonar picks up bytecode and analyses it.

As a side-effect I’m getting following Gradle warnings for subprojects when running sonar task:

Resolution of the configuration :projectName:compileClasspath was attempted from a context different than the project context. Have a look at the documentation to understand why this is a problem and how it can be resolved. This behavior has been deprecated. This will fail with an error in Gradle 9.0. For more information, please refer to in the Gradle documentation.

Is anyone else also getting this warning because of this skipCompile configuration or is this something project specific that I should resolve?

it didn’t help even if I run gradlew assemble sonar, still those configuration warnings are logged

Also see: Setting sonar.gradle.skipCompile through a Gradle property would be nice - SonarQube - Sonar Community (

I agree with the intent here but this implementation is awful. I get this message when running gradle clean for example which is clearly not helpful.