SonarScanner Execution Failure with Ruby on Rails Application

I am encountering an error when trying to run SonarScanner for a Ruby on Rails application, both on my local machine and Github Actions. The error message is provided below:

Caused by: org.jcodings.exception.InternalException: entry: /tables/CaseUnfold_11.bin not found
sonar-scan.log (13.3 KB)

The SonarQube Version

SonarQube image hash: sha256:7fa0790f2823dbbbc0ecbec31cd62e68f7be04b706c0f1ca247db5b6ef69787b
(latest at this time)

How is SonarQube deployed

SonarQube is deployed on AWS ECS.

How I ran Sonar Scanner

I ran it both on my local and GitHub Actions, but saw the exact same error.
I used the Docker image to run on my local.

What I want to achieve

Want to run static analysis on my Ruby on Rails app


  • SonarScanner: (both Github Actions and local)
  • Ruby version: 2.3.8
  • Local PC: Intel Mac

I would appreciate any help or guidance on how to resolve this issue.

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Hello @Yosuke_Asai1,

Thanks for your message! According to the logs, it feels like exception is happening during parsing of ruby code. To investigate this I need a source file that triggesrs the problem a minimal reproducer.

Could you, please, show me the full log and provide the minimal reproducer.

Another point, the version of ruby you’re using is quite old (from 2018). Any chance there was a breaking change in 3.0, so your code can’t be parsed with the new ruby version?


Hey, seeing the same issue here, using Ruby 3.2

Hello @Djiit,

Could you, please, provide the reproducer and the log?


Resurrecting this from the grave a little here, but we’re seeing parsing errors on Ruby files for Ruby 3.2-valid syntax. Here’s an example of a file that’s causing parsing errors:

class Foo
  def method(*, &)
    some_method(*, &)

What we’re seeing is errors on the anonymous argument passing, and the line some_method(*, &) is tripping things up.

This is using SonarScanner in a GitHub CI action and Ruby 3.2.2

Hey @J_Smith

What version of SonarQube are you using (or, are you using SonarCloud)? Let us know!

G’day @Colin.

We’re on Sonarcloud.

Hello @J_Smith,

Thanks for your clarification. As far as I understood this is a new feature coming from Ruby 3.2. Sonar doesn’t support Ruby 3.2 yet. It’s in our plans. Here you can find the ticket to track the progress on it: