SonarScanner doesn't parse the JavaScript ES11 operators

  • Version:

  • error observed:

Unable to parse file: file:///usr/src/fileWithNewOperators.js
  • steps to reproduce:
    Use the new ES11 operators such as a?.b
  • potential workaround:

Hey there.

What version of SonarQube and its Javascript analyzer are you using? This should be addressed in the latest version available for v7.9 LTS (v6.2.2) and whatever version comes bundled in the latest version of SonarQube, v8.5



I use sonarqube 7.9.5 from the official docker image ( sonarqube:7.9.5-community). Is there a newer LTS release ?

7.9.5 is the latest LTS release so far. releases · SonarSource/sonarqube ( Should something else be updated in the container or should I update to the non LTS 8.5.1 in your opinion ?

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Hey there.

You should check the Global Administration Marketplace tab of your SonarQube instance to see what version of the Javascript analyzer is installed on your SonarQube server. If it’s not the latest compatible with the v7.9 LTS (v6.2.2) you can also use the Marketplace to update it.

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Thanks ! It was a very old version. I updated it and it works very well now. I wasn’t aware that updating the container image didn’t update the plugins, but considering the architecture it makes sense.

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