SonarScanner does not download when setting up new project

Hi all,

Just downloaded sonarqube to give it a try. * Community Edition

  • Version 8.8 (build 42792). When setting up a project, I choose “Other” as my build and “Linux” as my OS. I get a button to download sonarscanner. The button simply opens a link to the docs ( There’s nothing there to download and nothing is pushed to my browser. So, where would I download sonarscanner from to get my scanning started? Thanks!


Welcome to the community! The idea was to dynamically pull in a link to the latest download, like in the public docs but that got broken on our end. It should be fixed soon if it’s not already fixed by the time you read this. But you can do the download from the public docs either way.

And FYI, we’ve decided to go a different route in future versions of the docs.