SonarScanner CLI README on DockerHub differs from the one on GitHub

I was looking for using sonarscanner in my .NET applications, and a docker CLI would come extremely handy. When I looked up on DockerHub, I read the following message:

Warning: These Docker images are not compatible with C/C++/Objective-C projects.

“Ok, fine, it works for C# then!” I thought. I then configured it for my projects and at first it looked ok. It said everything was fine, that the analysis was successful and it even showed me the files it scanned. The problem was that no errors were ever shown, always 0 bugs, 0 warnings, 0 everything.The first time I looked I thought: wow, I write really good code :joy: :joy: because the project was rather small. I only noticed it was wrong when I wrote bad code on purpose.

I spent some time looking at the problem, when I read on the GitHub page:

NB: These Docker images are not compatible with C/>>>>C#<<<</C++/Objective-C projects.

Oh well. That’s not good.

I suggest updating the dockerhub readme, as apparently other people are having the same problem.


Hi @Pretzel ,

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve opened a ticket for us to update the description on the Docker Hub:

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