SonarQubePublish@ index out of bounds

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  • which versions are you using: SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.3 (build 51899)
  • Resolve an error I am getting only on a certain branch of my repo where I am getting an error on the SonarQubePublish@ step. “##[error][SQ] Task failed with status FAILED, Error message: Index 490 out of bounds for length 490 (Visit of Component”
  • I am new to SonarCube, inherited this setup from a previous engineer. I understand that this is sending the results to SonarCube. Is the issue the size of the results? I wasn’t able to find anything relating to this error for this step in my pipeline.

Hey there.

Based on the snippet of the error message, you’re facing SONAR-16100 which should be addressed in SonarQube v9.4 (which should be released next week).

Thanks so much. I can’t believe in my searching I didn’t find this but I appreciate you pointing me to it.