SonarQube with PowerPC (gcc) compiler


I am using Developer Edition Version 8.3.1 (build 34397).
I am trying to analyze a C/C++ embedded project that is compiled with powerpc-eabivle-gcc v4.9.
It is a 100% gcc compiler but when launching the analysis after a full wrapped compilation I get the error from the scanner that the jason file is empty. It looks like the compiler is not recognized or so. Any idea how to solve this?

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Can you share the build-wrapper.log file?
Let me know if you prefer to share it privately.


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Please let me know how to share it privately.


Sorry @Abbas_Sabra,

I think i did something wrong and the place to copy the logs is not available anymore. Can you reshare?


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As discussed with @ialconada, the JSON file is empty because powerpc-eabivle-gcc is statically linked.

@Abbas_Sabra, I am not sure that NXP will delivery source code files, we would need to change their compiler makefiles in order to link it dynamically and compile their compiler… it sounds as a bit of a nightmare… Is is possible for us to generate the jason file ourselves? Could you share the format of the file that is needed by the analyser?

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@ialconada, Did you check if they provide a version with dynamic linking?

If you failed to get a dynamically linked version, you can try to hack around by creating an executable that forwards the call with the exact arguments to the real compiler. This executable should be used instead in your build process and should have the same name. Since it has the same name and it is dynamically linked we will detect it.

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