Sonarqube with helm chart in AKS

I am trying to deploy sonarqube using helm chart to my AKS cluster.
I pulled the official helm chart from here (sonarqube 3.0.0+296 · sonarsource/sonarqube)
I enabled ingress and specified the hostname and ingress class.

The sonarqube pod comes up, but i can’t access the url, I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error.

I am pulling the latest community edition of sonarqube and am working with helm v3

Hi @Tomide

It seems to be a specific issue with AKS and how the ingress resource is handled, so we cannot help much on this topic…
You could have a look at this troubleshooting page for AKS, and maybe try to use ingress.annotations ( azure/application-gateway) instead of ingress.ingressClassName, as it seems more widely used in AKS