SonarQube v8.9.6 is redirecting to login page upon deletion

I am using SonarQube version 8.9.6
I want to delete a duplicate project in SonarQube.

I logged in as an admin and tried to delete the project as mentioned in the docs - Project Settings | SonarQube Docs

Project Settings > Deletion

After clicking on the delete button - it redirects me to the login page, after I try to login again, the projects is still exist.

Response code of delete api [/api/projects/delete] is 401. Can someone please help me understand what exactly is going wrong here?
Thank you

I am able to delete the project using api - curl -u username:password -X POST "". However, I am still not able to delete a project from UI (administer role). Any inputs on this is appreciated. Thank you


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Do you see any errors in your browser console?