Sonarqube Unit test and integration testing code coverage .net core

i am new in sonarqube i want to know about configuration Code Coverage via Integration tests and unit test in same project in dotnet env

Hello Mojtaba
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Your entry point about code coverage for a dotnet project is with this guide: [Coverage & Test Data] Generate Reports for C#,
If you need to import some tests report that is not supported out of the box by SonarQube, you may read this SonarQube documentation page as well: Generic Test Data

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Thanks for your answering but i done these stages and these stages for unit tests ok, but i need to coverage my code with Unit test and Integration test same time ,

hi @mojtaba_safavi

as long as you generate the coverage report with your integration tests, SQ can import it.

How to generate that is not related to SonarQube , but to the coverage tool you are using.