Sonarqube to show test coverage from jest

First thing first is that i fount lib to help sonarqube see test coverage is in read only mode.
link to git

Now is there guide for newbie on how to set sonarqube to display my test coverage if i am using jest?
Any support is appriciated


Welcome to the community!

According to the docs (search for “jest” on the page) there’s a converter from Jest to our Generic Execution Data format. From there you can import the converted reports.


yes when searching for jest i can find repo GitHub - 3dmind/jest-sonar-reporter: A Sonar test reporter for Jest. which is not maintained any more. and is marked as “This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.” is it ok?

can i have more detailed flow explained? like i need to configure my package.json script section so when it runs build it will not only run “NODE_ENV=test jest” rather than “NODE_ENV=test jest --coverage”, so that coverage folder will be generated. Correct?

And all i have to do is to point sonarcube to coverage folder?

also since i am new to sonar, i also got tons of error for postcss related stuff like “Unexpected unknown at-rule “@define-mixin””

i see there is thread here Getting Unexpected unknown at-rule "@use" in scss files yet there is no solution provided what to do, is it fixed in some version of sonar? if so than which version i should use. thank you


Sorry, but I have no expertise in jest. For your postcss errors, please open a new thread.