SonarQube to Power BI

We are using .
Is it possible so stream the data from SonarQube to Power BI ( ).
Have tried to find other who have tried this, and also looked in the API for SonarQube.

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The only way to extract data out of SonarQube to store elsewhere is the Web API. This is more a pull mechanism than streaming, just to be clear.
I don’t know what data you want to extract (typically this is projects metrics) and for what purpose ? Just be careful to not pull as much data as you can from SonarQube, just because it’s possible.
Extracting data is usually for reporting purpose. Although this is can be needed, SonarQube primary objective is to act on quality problems (in a nutshell, it’s ok to report on quality, it’s better to fix quality problems), and most of the data is most actionable from within SonarQube.