SonarQube - TFS 2018 integration - Prepare analysis task failing with error (401) Unauthorized

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To my knowledge we are only supporting Basic authentication type. The fact it works when switching to Bearer make me think you may have a proxy in front of your SonarQube server.

Also, decoding your credentials (please change your password) looks weird:
decode to:
which seems to be a mix of token and password.

I would have expected either:

Hey Julien, there is a IIS acting as reverse proxy to put SSL on it.
It is set up as described by the link at the SonarQube doc. This is the link:

Hi @marcusvnac

Would you mind trying to bypass the IIS proxy, just to ensure it is not the cause of the problem? For example, change the endpoint configuration (or better, create a new endpoint configuration) to point directly to the SQ server (without SSL).

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I already tried that and got the same error.

Here are my tests on, trying to access a private resource:

No credentials provided:

$ curl -v
HTTP/1.1 403

Wrong credentials provided:

$ curl -v --user "foo:bar"
Authorization: Basic Zm9vOmJhcg==
HTTP/1.1 401

Using a generated token (I have revoked it, so that’s expected you can’t reproduce):

$ curl -v --user "18d7a965611b571ddc2d18b02a1a9d5ae284c233:"
Authorization: Basic MThkN2E5NjU2MTFiNTcxZGRjMmQxOGIwMmExYTlkNWFlMjg0YzIzMzo=

HTTP/1.1 200

Switching from Basic to Bearer:

$ curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer MThkN2E5NjU2MTFiNTcxZGRjMmQxOGIwMmExYTlkNWFlMjg0YzIzMzo="
Authorization: Bearer MThkN2E5NjU2MTFiNTcxZGRjMmQxOGIwMmExYTlkNWFlMjg0YzIzMzo=
HTTP/1.1 403

So in my opinion you are looking in the wrong direction. The issue is not the authentication type, but more the fact that the authentication is tried with username = token + password. This might be a sign that your endpoint is not correctly configured.
I’m sorry to ask you again, but could you please:

  • delete your SonarQube endpoint definition
  • create a new one, choosing token authentication mode
  • ensure that authentication header is Authorization: Basic base64(<token>:)

Hi, this would be a good idea if we have this option to choose the authentication mode. However, the extension doesn’t have this option:

My bad, it used to be an option, but now it’s no more proposed to authenticate with username/password.

Still I remember we had some issues for people migrating from an old version of the extension (where is was possible to declare an endpoint with username + password) to the new version, accepting tokens only.

That’s why I was suggesting to delete the enpoint definition, and create a new one, to be sure only the token is persisted.

I already deleted and recreated this definition and removed and reinstalled the extension a number of times, and nothing changed.

Hi Marcus,

Then I have no idea from where this password might come. For sure the extension is not inventing it :slight_smile:

Me either :confused:
Also, can you edit your post and remove it, pls?

Well, good news for me. Our company moved the On-Premises TFS to Azure DevOps last weekend and now the SonarQube seems to be working properly.
I have no further explanation, but we can close this issue now.
Thank you @Julien_HENRY for trying to help on this issue

Thanks Marcus for the follow up.