SonarQube T-SQL plugin can't analyse STRING_AGG WITHIN GROUP with multiple arguments

We have a function which uses STRING_AGG WITHIN GROUP with a multiple columns to order by. SonarQube can’t analyse this file.


SELECT    @weekStringResult = STRING_AGG(FORMAT(OWW.DienstregelWeek,'00'),', ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY  OW.Dienstregelingjaar, D.Jaar, D.Week)

It does work with one column in the order by, probably because of Parse Error during Sonar TSQL Analysis and [SONARTSQL-248] Parse error on STRING_AGG...WITHIN GROUP - SonarSource.

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Bump up, still not solved.

Bump, still not solved.
@Colin @Alexandre_Gigleux Could you take a look?

Bump up, still not solved